What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? This question arises when we see autonomous infrastructures around us. The world is moving towards modernization. Therefore, experts have named it the global village. Adaptation of modern technology is also happening rapidly. We have seen great revolutions in the form of inventions in the world. The machines are replacing the human beings. In daily life, we have concerns about our time management and work precision. At industrial level, machines and robots are replacing human beings. Hence, man is striving to control these machines. As a result, new concepts and techniques are developed. These techniques help us to manage, control and evaluate the machines.

what is artificial intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Concept.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the technique adopted by the human to make the machine work like the human. This definition is pretty basic and will surely be understandable by lots of us. It is an autonomous asset which is set to achieve the goals by adopting the given environmental factors and use the sensing units to observe the required perspectives of the job. Induction of AI has improved the day-to-day life.

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

System developers and programmers allot the goals in an extremely efficient manner. Based on Boolean system, 1 is the working condition or the true value while 0 remains the otherwise or negative factor of the program. The computer can execute the instructions given in specific manner and specific knowledge.

Approaches for Implementing Artificial Intelligence?

There are different approaches which are used for the A. I.

  1. First approach contains the “if & otherwise” factors which may be “If and otherwise Sam is suffering from cough, then he may have cancer”.
  2. The second approach is based on the Bayesian Inference. it could be, for instance, “if Sam is having cough, adjust the probability he has the cancer”. Now, these two approaches are totally depending on the data of the disease installed by the programmer.
  3. We have the third approach that is more efficient and trending now a days. It is based on the analogue data. SVM ( Support Vector Machine ) and Nearest-Neighbor algorithms, support analogue data in machine learning.

Future of Artificial Intelligence?

AI is impacting the future technology very widely. Therefore, different industries like Car Manufacturing industry, Agriculture industry, Food and Safety, Security and Defense industry are adopting the artificial intelligence in the form of IoT (Internet of Things), Robotics and Big Data.

In automobile industry, autonomous cars, also known as self-driven cars are the future for the mankind. In manufacturing industry, A.I. based robots are its present and the future.

Health Sector is also evolving with the introduction of Robot nurses and doctors. These robots may perform the operations and surgeries with more precision.

Therefore, collectively A.I. & machine design is the Future.

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